As writers and tv producers, we are proud to create original content that reaches a wide variety of audiences. Each project is meticulously researched, thoughtfully planned and carefully crafted to showcase the unique attributes of our clients, for our clients.

Every squirt makes a bold statement …

OctopusInc LLP creates original content for the mass media. We write scripts for documentaries, game shows, business programmes, current affairs programmes, TV commercials, corporate and marketing videos; as well as articles for magazines – online or otherwise.

As former broadcast journalists, we are trained to handle varied subject matters from business, politics, technology, medical, arts, sports to entertainment and the environment. Our forte lies in interviewing CEOs and movers and shakers of industries. Whether it is writing for publications or producing a documentary or corporate video, our 40 years of experience in the media industry collectively have put us in a unique position to tell a compelling story every time.

As an extension of our craft, we have also developed proprietary training materials to coach corporate clients and schools in writing, interviewing, managing the media, public speaking, and even teambuilding. We pride ourselves on being able to bring actual industry examples and creative hands-on experiences to our participants and, most importantly, being nimble enough to customise 100% of our training programmes to meet our clients’ diverse training needs.